Tomorrow morning we leave on our adventure. I can hardly believe the day is almost here!

We got to St. Augustine yesterday, and we’re staying in a bungalow that mom found on Airbnb. I kind of wondered about it at first—staying in a place on someone’s private property—but hey, it was a place to stay, and mom arranged it, and she paid for it, and it’s just for two nights.

Turns out it’s a perfect place. There are enough beds for all of us (mom, dad, and John are here, too, to see us off), and a kitchen and little living room and giant bathroom. It’s set at the back of the owner’s property, and there’s a pool, and lots of nice plants. The homeowners said hello when we arrived, but they’ve left us alone. It’s great. I’d come back here again.

Today Sam and I got our bikes all ready. Sam had some issues with her tire going flat. Great! What a way to start! I hope we don’t have flat tires every day on this trip! Dad helped Sam with her tire, and I think they got the problem resolved.

Dad also helped me with my bike rack. I should have done this weeks ago, but what can I say, I procrastinate. I ordered a rack for the front to hold my front panniers, and I didn’t get around to installing it until today. Of course some of the hardware was missing. (Really? It came from a BIKE STORE! You’d think they’d remember to put all the pieces in!)

Dad had a bungee cord and duct tape, and with those two things we got the rack attached. I will have to stop by a bike store somewhere along the way and get the missing pieces, though. I can’t imagine that the duct tape will hold up for 3,000 miles! I’m a little pissed at myself for not taking care of this over the summer, but hey, I’m not going to cry over spilt milk.

Sam and I also sorted through our energy bars and food and got that packed, with our other change of clothes and the few toiletries we’re bringing and the stuff we’ll use to eat with. I look at our panniers and feel a mixture of terror and amazement. Those four bags contain every single thing we are going to use for the next two months as we ride across the country. I keep wondering if we’ve forgotten some major item! I wonder if tomorrow, somewhere along our route, we’ll go, CRAP!!! We forgot such-and-such! We have to cancel this whole trip!

I guess we’ll find out.

It’s bedtime. I hope I can get to sleep. My stomach alternates between being in knots of anticipation and being completely calm in denial that this is even happening!

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